Welcome to JindalX

    JindalX is a global service company focused on delivering awesome customer experiences for its clients. With our focus on continuous innovation, out-of-the-box solutions, and being enablers for our customers, we find the missing ‘X’ that propels us as partners towards ‘Xponential’ growth.

    People Centricity
    At the core of all we do, are ‘people’.
    We hold ourselves accountable for growth and success of our customers.
    We challenge ourselves to go beyond the expected.
    Growth & Opportunity 
    We design ecosystems to make our employees and customers grow & thrive.

    Our Solutions

    Customer Experience
    Our proprietary transformation
    model S.A.I.N.T delivers
    awesome Xperience.
    Content Curation
    Our content curation engine optimizes
    content for strategic and transactional needs.
    Revenue Cycle Management
    JindalX has partnered with MMG
    to offer world class RCM and
    Healthcare Support Services.


    Banking & Financial Services

    While banks are focused on product innovation, customer engagement and experience will play an increasingly important role in new customer acquisition and retention in this highly competitive industry. JindalX Banking and Financial Services Suite meets these unique industry challenges.

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    JindalX has partnered with MMG, a leading healthcare services provider in the US, to offer world class RCM and Healthcare Support Services. Operating as JindalMMG, our decades of experience in Healthcare and Business Process Management helps transform the way hospitals manage patients.


    JindalX has been at the forefront of servicing the evolving expectations of Retail and eCommerce customers for the last two decades. Our team has deep product knowledge, technical and soft skills to effectively engage with customers and deliver a delightful experience that keeps them coming back.

    Manufacturing & Consumer

    JindalX started as a technology and intelligence arm of one of the largest manufacturing business houses in India. Our solutions have evolved with the evolving industry dynamics, factoring in the macro trends, consumer behavior and a transformed technology landscape.