While banks are focused on product innovation, customer engagement and experience will play an increasingly important role in new customer acquisition and retention in this highly competitive industry.

    JindalX Banking and Financial Services Suite meets these unique industry challenges through a combination of digital mediums and intense first-connect-resolutions. We identify and map a customers’ journey across banking products in retail, commercial and wealth management to determine a 360 degree view of their specific needs. Our personalized solutions meet increasing customer expectations, while optimizing costs and enhancing productivity for our clients.


    ‘Contact Center is a Cost Center’. Not with JindalX.
    We use propensity-based x-sell and up-sell models, and employ our proprietary customer experience methodologies to develop trusting relationships, which allow us a consultative approach while selling.

    Customer Onboarding

    We focus on providing a seamless and enriching onboarding solutions so that your customers get an exclusive start.

    Customer Service

    This is our forte and we are well equipped with tastefully curated industry best practices to ensure world class customer experience.


    Trusting Relationships

    Seamlessly managed 10+ years of relationship with one of the top banks in India

    Deep Knowledge

    Launched and managed special projects, and provided support for new products in diverse markets

    Personalized Solutions

    Highly flexible and customized solutions to suit the Indian banking clients