The coronavirus pandemic has in fact turned the world upside down. With social distancing and contactless measures driving the ‘new normal’, majority of the workforce were forced to transition to work from home (WFH). To cope up with the sudden dramatic transformation, businesses had to ensure that the transitioning took place smoothly. Despite their preparedness levels, they had to ensure business continuity and profitability in circumstances that involved lack of physical presence of employees in office buildings.

    For many, it meant substantial changes in policy, directed towards building and maintaining adequate infrastructure to support virtual businesses. The sudden rise in demand for remote working in almost every organization exerted tremendous pressure on security, network, storage and servers – disrupting the entire technological supply chain. Nevertheless, JindalX, with no prior requirement of transitioning employees to work from home, left no stone unturned in completing the herculean task within 5-6 business days.

    It is critical to ensure proper technical infrastructure for employees to access information and services securely. JindalX employees were already well – versed with emails, chats, cloud computing and Zoom to interact with team members regardless of locations. Besides, the IT department played a vital role in providing the relevant technical support to employees at their homes.

    1) Apart from providing desktops/ laptops and dongles wherever required, the organization provides internet handling charges to employees to support internet connectivity at homes

    2) Access controls to ensure secure access to systems by employees working remotely are ensured

    3) Internet bandwidth and network capacity have been increased to meet the requirements of employees working from home

    4) All requisite applications are installed and VPN is configured on 2000+ systems after successful testing

    5) Redundancies were created for each process at multiple levels

    6) Microsoft 365, Zoom, AnyDesk, etc. have constantly been in use to support and collaborate employees with their team members with security

    7) Videoconferencing is practiced to enable and enhance interaction amongst employees working remotely

    8) IT-HelpDesk call center is created to spot and resolve any technical issues faced by employees working from home

    In short, JindalX is continuously implementing necessary provisions and updating technological practices in order to support and maintain remote working infrastructure. For its highly certain that work from home model will refrain from perishing once the COVID-19 season ends. Therefore, the primary task of organizations today remains to prioritize creating unanticipated telecommuting mandates and fostering investments in technology to support and strengthen the ‘new normal’ business operations.

    JindalX Advantage: Our value addition

    Best in class services:

    We gave absolute accuracy & optimum CX with up to 4 concurrent chats, we had the fastest response time with 24×7 support. Our Propensity engines provided for intelligent solutions and 90% First-Contact Resolution (FCR). Along with this we also provided Proactive social media interactions and end-to-end resolution to grievances to the client.

    B.I. led Analytics: JX Tech-Pack:

    We provided our clients with real-time operational data which can be accessed from anywhere. The dashboard helped the client get insights, track the performance and make proactive decisions. Our JX tech-pack was provided to the clients free of cost.

    Management of the end-to-end outsourcing project:

    At JindalX We hold ourselves accountable for growth and success of our customers. Hence, we not only managed their hiring, training and execution, we also build CX enhancing strategies. These strategies were dynamic and flexible enough to accommodate any changes yet deliver results according to the benchmark.

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