Transforming Customer Experience with Real-Time Analytics

    White Paper, Real-time Analytics

    Say hello to the future.

    360 Degree Business Overview

    Command Centre – Business Intelligence Suite

    The ability to integrate with various applications to deliver Real-time data insights and BI led dashboard which allows complete control over process metrics & business KPIs.

    The Need for Real Time Operational Data

    The graph below compares the importance of essential factors in building a foundation for real-time customer analytics v/s the success rates of their implementation

    The ability to translate data into actionable insights at optimal time

    Importance 84%
    Success 21%

    Data Accessibility (Right data to right people at right time)

    Importance 81%
    Success 20%

    The ability to use and access all available data (for e.g., Customer data) in a seamless fashion

    Importance 73%
    Success 18%

    The ability to predict, optimise, and forecast using trusted algorithms

    Importance 64%
    Success 19%

    JindalX Advantage

    Features & Key Metrics
    • Real-time Data view
    • Drill down view up to the lowest level details
    • Export summary & detailed data to PDF, Power Point, Excel and CSV formats
    • User friendly dashboards
    • User driven data sorting
    Business Intelligence
    • Quick data insights
    • Multi-dimensional key data analyses through different filter combinations
    • Peer-to-Peer report sharing
    • Customized auto E-mail alerts on reaching the threshold value
    • Current key metrics on dashboard which includes;
      • Calls Offered, Calls received, Calls Answered, Hourly Average Call Back time, AHT – Inbound & Outbound, Max Queue Time, Average Hold Time, verage Wrap time, I/B agent count, Occupancy %, Calls Abandoned, Calls received by State & City

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