Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

    Our (CPG) Consumer Packaged Goods practice makes effective use of uses advanced analytics to extract actionable insights with the help of real-time products data, supplier information, customer statistics, and business MIS. Global inventory analytics helps to determine the sales frequency across products and is useful to optimize the business strategy- including product manufacturing, category and supply chain management to promotions planning, marketing campaigns, segmentation, and market mix management.

    Our customized data analytics platforms help strategize and avoid situations like stock out and lost sales, resulting in sustainable advantage in long-term. Our dashboards enable real-time visibility across categories into product data and retail partners resulting in the ability to easily modify assortments, in-store fixtures and aisle design to achieve higher sales.

    Our data visualization tools expedite collaboration between category partners to generate inventive promotion plans and in-store models to effect shoppers positively and improve sales of new products. We use a combination of predictive and market-mix modeling to understand key profitability parameters and derive techniques that are able to add sustainable results.