JindalX's all-in-one Omni Channel Solution increases Customer Satisfaction by minimum 15% and saves upto 40% cost of running your contact center . . .

    Our solution offers all channels and live support agents all-in-one pricing and offering the most advanced ticket management, customer support and sales suite.


    Why are we special?

    With 20+ Years of Experience in managing and running contact centers world wide we were one of the pioneers in omni-channel contact center technology implementation

    Chatbots can do more harm than help if not managed and deployed effectively.

    Our chatbots mimic human interaction very accurately and there is always a human to take over on exceptional queries

    We make sure that queries through all channels are resolved within 4 hours and any exceptions are tracked and the customers recieve an update every 4 hours automatically.

      95%+ First Call Resolution


    Basic chatbots filter the watchwords in a client’s request to convey pre-bundled answers, while more refined chatbots utilize Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can utilize common language handling to make reactions and discussions that are more realistic. Artificial intelligence chatbots are more adaptable when the human addressing them doesn’t give the specific message they’re modified to get. All things considered, they effectively gain from the discussions they need to help clients arrive at their objectives.

    Simulated intelligence chatbots are ordinarily better incorporated with the CMS and CRM stages that support a brand’s online presence, permitting them to take advantage of client data and give customized solutions. We also offer the ability to directly take actions on rule-based needs such as issue refunds or raise problem tickets. 

    We added a new customer last year during the lockdown phase, listen to what he has to say to you


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    JindalX (JX) Omni-channel solution is built on latest technology and comes at unbelievably reasonable price . . .

    While the advantages for the organization that utilizes chatbots incorporate lessening costs, the key benefit lies in the improved customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and repeat business which is quantifiable.

    Find out using the calculator below what is the level of your current customer satisfaction

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    No hidden charges, no extra charges for hiring, training, bot designing etc., trained resources on omni-channel platform, with complete implementation and license cost + support at fixed and lowest price.



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      What Our Clients Say

      We have successfully implemented omni-channel solution for several customers globally and here is a quick glimpse of what they have to say . . . 

      I never through implementing omni-channel CX can lead to such a positive change in my business
      John Kohner
      JindalX's omni channel solution has led to great savings, I recommend JX omni channel solution to everyone
      Jennifer Mccullen
      It's the best tome to go digital and implement Chatbots which seriously make a difference. Thank you, JX
      Bart Rogal
      Director Operations

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