Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) unifies the business and clinical aspects of healthcare services by integrating administrative data with appointment scheduling, treatment information, claims and denials management, reporting and accounts receivables.

    JindalX has partnered with MMG, a leading healthcare services provider in the US, to offer world class RCM and Healthcare Support Services. Operating under the entity JindalMMG, we provide solutions that go beyond the traditional RCM model to include:

    Track and Measure:
    Benchmark, assess and implement data analytics

    Improve Operational Performance:
    Optimize efficiencies, water-tight KPIs and significantly reduce operational costs.

    Increased Revenue:
    Maximize revenue inflow and eradicate leakages.

    Custom Solutions:
    Medical coding, coding audits, accounts receivable management, practice management and advance analytic solutions


    Xperience Ease, Efficiency and Economy

    Pre Visit
    • Appointment and Scheduling

    • Patient Registration

    • Referral Verification

    • Eligibility Verification

    • Prior Authorization

    Post Visit
    • Medical Coding

    • Coding Audit

    • Charge Entry & Charge Audit

    • Payment Posting

    • Denial Posting, Management and Follow-ups

    • Account Receivables Management

    • Claim Dispute Verification

    Claims Administration
    • Claims Filing and Conversion

    • Denial Posting & Management

    • A/R Management

    • Claim Dispute Verification

    Delivery Best-Practices

    We deploy our proprietary real-time reporting engine which provides a 360 degree view of the revenue cycle along with complete insights into accounts receivables, claims, denials and several other critical aspects. Our specialized analytics solutions also include:

    Customized RCM workflow tools & analytics based dashboard to increase efficiency and provide 100% visibility
    Smart analytics tools - to identify patterns and improve claim payouts by 40%
    Follow-up automation and claim standardization to reduce time in A/R by 30%
    Zero-surprise operations by maintaining 100% pre-auth for eligible claims